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MU Online Announces Server Merge and Monster Hunting Festival

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Mu Online announced its server merge and Monster Hunting Festival.

MU Online will be merging the servers for Midgard and Eldorado on November 26 (UTC) and will not affect any players in other servers such as Helheim and Alfheim. After the server merge, players will be able to earn more EXP in a playtime challenge event.

Those who play MU Online more than 100 hours will receive amazing rewards including Bless of Light (Greater), Gold Channel Ticket, and Master Scroll of Quickness. Special package sales are also waiting for gamers for a limited time.

Additionally, MU Online is also hosting the Monster Hunting Festival along with multiple in-game events. Starting November 13th, players can start hunting monsters in Nixies Lake, Swamp of Darkness, or Cubera Mines with MU HELPER to achieve additional EXP and receive ranking rewards during the event period. Also, players can level up their character much faster with an extra 20% EXP bonus, Monster HP Decrease and other special offers.

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