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Mr. and Mrs. Norrath Contest

Michael Bitton Posted:
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Think you've got the coolest looking character in all of Norrath? Sony Online Entertainment is challenging you to prove it with the announcement of the Mr. and Mrs. Norrath contest!

If you think your character is up to snuff, submit a full body screenshot of your character between now and Wednesday, April 7th to win a chance at being Mr. or Mrs. Norrath.

Submission details below:

 Please include the following information when submitting your screenshot: o Title of the Submission: o Your Forum Handle: o Your Character Name: o Race: o Gender: o Server: o Guild, Outfit or Player Association: o Character Description:

Submissions must be in JPG or PNG format and must be No bigger than 800 pixels in width x 600 pixels in height, no exceptions. An example is shown below:

Images submitted must be in the form of in-game screenshot or modified in-game screenshot of your game character. Do not submit any images that are copyrighted (other than use of SOE materials) or those that were created by or belong to someone else.

Community members are permitted to submit one screenshot for each game, per account. You cannot submit two entries for one game.

Community members are permitted to update or replace the screenshot throughout the submission period. The last version submitted will be used.

Character names and NPC names should be turned off for the image. Do not include any text in the image.

Once submissions are over, SOE will assemble 10 finalists each for Mr. and Mrs. Norrath and then open up a vote for the community to pick the best ones.

Winners will receive the suffix "of Norrath" for their submitted character as well as in-game paintings from the Norrath Timeless heroes contest. Runners up will receive the aforementioned paintings only.

Review the official contest rules and view the original announcement here.

[Thanks Kost for the tip!]


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