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Mounts Arrive in Shroud of the Avatar Release 83

16 mounts total with more on the way

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Mounts have finally arrived in Shroud of the Avatar’s latest Release 83. Here are some details.

In total, 16 mounts have been introduced with the team promising more in the future. Note, six of the Crown Store mounts can also be had if you own certain foal decoration pets. Three mounts can be had through an exchange of tamed versions of them. Four new mounted skill have also been added to the Tactics Skill Tree.

Here are the mounts:

  • Appaloosa Horse Mount (Crowns, Foal Exchange)
  • Bay Horse Mount (Taming Necklace Exchange)
  • Black Horse Mount (Crowns, Foal Exchange)
  • Black Unicorn Mount (Crowns)
  • Blanket Horse Mount (Taming Necklace Exchange)
  • Buckskin Horse Mount (Crowns, Foal Exchange)
  • Dun Horse Mount (Crowns, Foal Exchange)
  • Ghost Horse Mount (Crowns)
  • Nightmare Mount (Crowns)
  • Palomino Horse Mount (Taming Necklace Exchange)
  • Roan Horse Mount (Crowns, Foal Exchange)
  • Shadow Horse Mount (Crowns)
  • Skeleton Horse Mount (Crowns)
  • White Horse Mount (Crowns, Foal Exchange)
  • White Unicorn Mount (Crowns)
  • Zombie Horse Mount (Crowns)


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