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Mount Changes Coming to Albion Online in Patch 15

Patch 15 brings other changes and fixes too

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The most recent patch of Albion Online, Patch 15, has brought about several mount changes.

For example, if you’ve been forced to dismount, you’ll be “cleansed” in addition to receiving a temporary immunity to crowd control. This is done to protect you momentarily from perma stun.

Additionally, the top speed of base mounts have been increased, while the time to gallop has seen a slight decrease. The top speed of speed mounts, on the other hand, have been decreased, with the time to gallop seeing a slight increase.

Additional changes include:

  • Players who re-queue for a zone after being removed via the Smart Cluster Queue are now immobilized to prevent the queue from "dropping" them
  • Chests updated in T8 Undead World Boss zones (Unhallowed Cloister, Black Monastery, Deathreach Priory, Camlann)
  • Most AoE spells cast by mobs in Hellgates no longer trigger damage reflection

Patch 15 also sees several changes, including changes to several area of effect spells cast by mobs. The patch brings about several bug fixes as well. Check out the full notes for Patch 15 here.


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