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Mount and Blade II Third Most Played Game on Steam Right Now

Surpassed some stalwarts

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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The recently released Mount & Blade II Bannerlord has surpassed PUBG has the third most played game on Steam.

The information comes from the official Twitter account which shared the following:

The game featured 172,030 current players with a similar peak. However, as of this writing, it seems that number has been surpassed. Steam Charts now reports 203,098 current players, far outstripping Football Manager 2020, Rainbow Six Siege, GTA V, and PUBG.

As a reminder, there may be issues during Early Access, which was shared earlier by the team,

“There may be bugs and glitches, there will certainly be balancing issues, some features may be missing or currently disabled, and certain aspects of the game might not receive full-support until later down the line. You can expect to see reused scenes (our eventual aim is that each town and castle will have its own unique scene) as well as other types of placeholder content, such as voice lines, animations, quests, etc.”


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