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Mortal Shell Devs Provide Explanation for Epic Games Store Exclusivity

All down to a small team and financing

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Mortal Shell developers have shared a lengthy post in their Discord channel outlining their decision for Epic Games Store exclusivity.

The post is written by four members of the team including Andrew, Anton, Dmitry and Vitaly. In it, they outline their decision, acknowledging up front that it will upset some people,

“We’re not expecting a sudden shift towards solidarity regarding this decision, but considering the amazing support from all of you since the game was announced, we at the very least OWE you an honest explanation.”

They explain that it essentially comes down to investment and the small size of their studio. They site that for their publisher, they’re a small unproven team, and thus, are a risky investment.

“This project, and our ambition to make a premium indie game that we personally would enjoy playing, has been a huge undertaking for us. The intense pressure of expectations we put on ourselves, and the limited resources we have at our disposal, has put an incredible demand on all our time and creative energy.”

They continue, explaining that the game was actually supposed to be smaller, but they kept pushing and increasing standards, eventually calling it “Dark Souls of game development” internally, ironically enough.

“The reason we’re telling you this is not for pity, but to give you some real-life context about the headspace we were in when Epic Games first showed an interest. When Epic approached us, the game was at its most critical stage in development, where additional financial support was something that would meaningfully improve the quality of the Mortal Shell experience.

They cite that the choice wasn’t easy, but given the circumstances of the team and the game, it was the right decision for the game. The close out once again acknowledging the public feeling to the Epic Games Store, but thanking the community.


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