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Mortal Shell Beta Open for Everyone on PC

Plus a wiki

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Good news in case you missed it. The Mortal Shell beta is now open for all on PC.

The previously closed beta has now been opened to all PC gamers interested in taking a look at the game. The announcement arrived in a message on the official Discord server which was a response to player demand in the beta,

“We heard that a lot of you were feeling left out and frustrated with how we were handling key distribution. We have tried our best to keep up with requests, but we never expected this level of high demand.”

Do note, the open beta is only available on the Epic Games Store here, and is not available on Steam. The team actually provided a lengthy explanation as to why their game is exclusive to the Epic Games Store, which you can read here. They cite that as a small team, the decision is driven by investment and their ambitions for this game,

“This project, and our ambition to make a premium indie game that we personally would enjoy playing, has been a huge undertaking for us. The intense pressure of expectations we put on ourselves, and the limited resources we have at our disposal, has put an incredible demand on all our time and creative energy.”

To that end, if you’re having issues with some of the more difficult bosses in Mortal Shell’s beta, the team have shared a Wiki from Fextralife which you can read here.

Image credit: Fextralife


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