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Mortal Online Patch Adds Mounted Melee Combat

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Mortal Online 2 has received its latest patch, Beta Patch The big feature here is mounted melee combat. The patch also adds several new features and locations. Read on for more.

The highlighted additions for this patch include:

  • Added Mounted Melee combat
  • Added Easy Anti Cheat. If you get an error that EAC is not installed please verify your steam files https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335 , this should install EAC.
  • Added Cave Camp cave.
  • Added more interest points to the world.
  • Added updated version of Kranesh.
  • Added FlipOff emote.
  • First draft of archer sway added. Currently affected by movement but not by skills (but will be later on).
  • Added support for AI attacks effects.

The patch also includes a ton of changes for AI, vendors, lowering stamina costs, icons, and improving CPU performance due to disabling some AI components in the engine. The patch also points out some known issues:

  • Some guard patrol paths are wrong. Some guards walk off-path, taking shortcuts or walk over some objects. The paths will be improved at a later time.
  • AI does not avoid walking through other characters at the moment. The so called “crowd movement” in the engine had to be removed when we replaced the AI movement. We are working on replacing it with our own.
  • Pets follow the owner at irregular speeds.

Earlier this month, the Mortal Online 2 team updated their roadmap to include more dungeons, weapons, character customization, and more. The team has been busy with constantly updating their beta and bringing various fixes and tweaks. Additionally, stress testing has been a focus earlier this year.


Poorna Shankar