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Mortal Online II Updates Their Roadmap - Public Stress Test Planned for March 25th

Steven Weber Posted:
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In the latest roadmap to Mortal Online II, Star Vault gives a big picture breakdown of what is planned for the game in March, including mounts, new weapons and armor, and a free Public Stress test.

The roadmap gives a broad overview of what’s headed to the persistent beta. March is expected to see the following features released:

  • Haven Island
  • Mounts
  • All Cities & More Dungeons
  • More Monsters and Fauna
  • More Weapons and Armor

For potential players that are not yet in the beta and that want a taste of what is already in the persistent beta currently, the free Public Stress Test will begin March 25th. Mortal Online II has been updating the game consistently over the past year as they make their way to a release state.


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