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Mortal Online II Talks Alpha Combat and More

Weapon list, damage systems, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Mortal Online II received a community update which went over alpha combat in testing thus far, and more.

The combat system so far plans to have melee weapon groups for the initial game. This includes one and two-handed swords, one and two handed axes, daggers, one and two handed hammers, poleaxes, poleswords, spears, and shields.

The group identified lack of animation fluidity as a weakness early on. To that end, they’ve upgraded this system. They’ve also begun work on normalizing low and high ping to the synchronized system on their servers.

Additional details include that the combat system will follow the MO1 melee system to “charge” up an attack swing, and then release to follow through on that attack. Your damage will then be a factor of your force and also where in that swing arc you hit your target.

Additionally, each normal strike can be parried if you’re parrying in the right direction. Every hit box will also take damage if you hit it. In short, there are expectedly a lot of different factors when fleshing out and finalizing the combat system.

You can learn more about this system here.


Poorna Shankar