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Mortal Online II Releases Latest Beta Patch Notes

Great Work for Mortals

Steven Weber Posted:
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In the latest beta patch notes for Mortal Online II, Star Vault updates their engine, added plenty of QoL features, and fixed DLSS. However, the team has acknowledged an excessive number of crashes due to the engine upgrade.

In the latest beta patch notes, a ton of fixes and features were added that include QoL features such as chat window resizing and player hints, to updates to the Engine and Graphics options. The patch notes are far too long to post here, so definitely check out the official patch note post.

Despite a host of issues getting fixed, the engine upgrade has also caused substantially more crashes than normal, with the latest notes indicating players should submit reports so they can be addressed.

Known issues:

  • We are experiencing a unusually high amount of crashes due to the engine upgrade. We are fixing them as fast as we can if you crash please make sure to send the report.

If you’re interested in where Mortal Online 2 is headed, you might want to check out the roadmap released late last year. You can also see the fixes Star Vault implemented earlier this month.


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