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Mortal Online Details Vision For New Players In Upcoming Haven Patch

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Coming October 7th, Mortal Online players can expect to see some changes to how newer players can interact with the game. Admitting it's a bit difficult to grasp, Mortal Online is revamping it's new player experience in the hopes it makes it easier to stick moving forward.

Posted to Mortal Online's steam forum, the developer outlines their vision for the October 7th Haven patch, building a brand new starter area called Haven. New players who join Mortal Online will be forced to go through Haven's island before they can reach the main area of Myrland. 

We have been working on a really massive new update for the last few months. Mortal Online is a very difficult game to grasp, it’s large, unwieldy and complicated. This has always made it very difficult for brand new players to get started. A couple of years ago we tried to make the starting experience easier by building a simple tutorial that teaches the players the very basics of the game. This tutorial however only scratched the surface of what the game has to offer. But next week all of that changes.

Once players leave the Haven, they can't go back, but it  will hopefully set players up to succeed in the brutal world of Mortal Online. You can check out the full post and details regarding the Haven patch on Steam.


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