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Mortal Online 2's Massive Unreal Engine 5 Update is Here, Along With New High Risk, High Reward Zones

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Mortal Online 2 is now running on Unreal Engine 5 and has ushered in its version 2.0.0. The upgrade isn’t just visual, as the team had to rebuild and repair the game world during the process, and there are new zones and features.

Star Vault has noted the challenges of such a major overhaul and upgrade, and there are some issues from the patch that they’re working on. Yet, getting to this point and making such massive changes in their biggest ever patch have the devs thanking players for their patience and expressing positivity about the future of Mortal Online 2.

Unreal Engine 5 means that the game gets lighting improvements from Lumen, the new Temporal Super Resolution (which is similar to Nvidia DLSS) that is accessible for all supported GPUs. So things will look more realistic, have more dynamic lighting and essentially work with a more realistic and immersive feel. Yet, there are still challenges, and player feedback is going to be important on performance and anything that might have been overlooked.

“We have managed to stabilize the framerate to have less hitches and even increase the total FPS in some cases. Locations with many characters, such as large battles, is still a challenge and will be a topic for future optimization,” they say in the UE5 upgrade notice and patch notes.

This all comes as part of the deal that gave Star Vault an Epic Games Megagrant, and that also brings Mortal Online 2 to the Epic Games Store.

Some of the other changes in the patch, aside from all the visual andWorld improvements, are helpful features like murderers now having red names, new task NPCs that will give out cape rewards for task completion, and a number of new zones.

One major addition is the division of terrain into Guarded Areas and Wilderness. You will be able to tell the difference between these two different zones on the in-game map, and there will be a message when you enter or leave the zones. Wilderness is essentially a free-for-all space where you can't be reported for murder or lose any nation standing. If you go in there and get killed, your killer will get away and there will be no help from the NPC nations. 

The boundaries of the zones may change and parts of Myrland will become Wilderness, including some dungeons. The point is high risk and potentially, very high reward.


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