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Mortal Online 2's Final Pre-Launch Content Update Adds Housing Decoration, Fixes, and Fishing in Rivers

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Mortal Online 2 releases on January 25th, and the final feature patch has just arrived. Invader patched 0.1.13, the star volt team has continued adding new features and getting the game polished up for its release. Added in this patch are new armor, new skills, UI and quality of life features, new creatures, two new trolls, and more.

Recently, the game got the first iteration of fishing all over, except for rivers. This patch fixes this and adds the ability to fish in the river. Character creation also got a few boosts, with the ability to choose your nation, pick a tattoo set, choose your race more easily, even being able to see the hair  and beard color you’re picking. Lore text is also in the character creator now, to make your choices mean a little more. 

The game also got different fixes including to server stability and restarts being working again as intended. Some bug fixes to nodes, sounds, and even things out of place like making sure that the torches are no longer working in the water when they shouldn’t have been.There are also a whole slew of UI and quality of life changes. Voice chat settings and volume settings are now active. There are options and info on how to set and use keybinds. Even things like being able to drag items to the trade window have been added. 

Overall, this is a long series of fixes and final additions before the beta wipe and final release. and a new video preview of what’s going to be in the game as launch gets ever closer. The delay into January and cancellation of early access might have disappointed some, but the progress does show in making sure all of this was in ahead of wider release.

For more, see the complete notes over at Mortal Online 2.


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