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Mortal Online 2 Updates Roadmap: More Dungeons, Weapons, Character Customization

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The roadmap for upcoming sandbox MMORPG, Mortal Online 2, has been updated recently. Here’s what’s new and what’s changed.

News of the new roadmap was shared on Twitter earlier looking at May, June, and items currently under development. For the remainder of this month, roadmap items include mounted combat, an expanded anti-cheat, AI movement, and new points of interest.

June, meanwhile, is broken up into two segments: mid and end signifying the first and second half of the month. For the first half, the roadmap includes the Market Broker, a crafting revamp, new log out system, and new creatures. By the end of June, the roadmap includes bosses, tattoos, expanded PvE, and a new dungeon.

The roadmap then includes a section on items currently under development. These don’t necessarily have a timebox around them, so we’re not sure how soon or further down the line we can expect these features. However, in-development roadmap items currently include basic housing and keeps, thievery, role play features, more dungeons, more weapons and armors, more magic, more fauna, and more character customization.

This isn’t the first roadmap update for the sandbox MMORPG. If you’re curious about what’s changed, check out a previous roadmap here. You can check out the full information here. Mortal Online 2 continues to see several updates as development progresses, with several patches squashing bugs and bringing more changes. During a recent stress test, CEO of Star Vault Henrik Nyström spoke on Discord to explain the then-current state of the stress test.


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