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Mortal Online 2 Updates July and August Roadmap

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The July and August roadmap for Mortal Online 2 has been updated. Here’s what’s changed and what you can look forward to.

The roadmap, as usual, breaks up each month into two halves. For mid July, expect combat balance, bug fixes, and additional polish. The end of July, which is coming up, will bring fauna, finalized Clade gifts, client optimizations, and additional bug fixes.

The first half of August is set to bring the new magic school Spiritism, horse armor (please make jokes in the comments), a new city, and the postal system. The end of August will include additional bosses, armors and weapons, improved Haven, and improved Tindrem’s main district.

The team also included several items currently under development with no time period provided. These items include basic housing and keeps, thievery, role play features, more dungeons, fishing, more magic, more fauna, and more character customization.

You can check out the updated roadmap here. Mortal Online 2 continues to receive pretty regular updates. A recent patch earlier this month brought improved AI and Tier 2 encounters to Mortal Online 2. If you’re not familiar with Tier 2, it includes humanoids,

“Tier 2 encounters will react in ways that a player-group would, which includes party mechanics. With these mechanics’ players may find that ranged characters are positioned in the back and their roles play a big part in how they act. In addition to new battle tactics, all AI humans will now have Stamina and Mana, just like players do, so they will also need to manage their skills in the same way as a real person would.”

Mounted melee combat was added back in June as well.


Poorna Shankar