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Mortal Online 2 Update Shows Several Coats of Polish on the Road to Launch

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The latest Mortal Online 2 update is mostly made up of a lot of bug fixes and changes to the game that are all in preparation for the upcoming release. Since the game was pushed back, the team did promise that there would be a whole lot of polish coming during the extra development time, and it looks like they're holding to their word.

Some of the additions include cosmetic and environmental changes, as well as stuff that falls into the category of nice to have. There are some new creatures, the Greater Natours, Campodon, and Shore Prower. Some additional Steam achievements, new titles, fanfare for when you unlock titles or reach a clade level, and some new voice lines. The Haven crafting and combat tutorials are now expanded to be twice as long. The combat tutorial has support for archery and hunting, while the crafting tutorial now helps you learn mining, extraction, and shield crafting.

There is also a long list of changes that add things like new pet equipment, and an additional pet equipment slot that works separately from the pet bag. Faster updates for visual effects and sounds on loot bags, a bunch of corrected and added sounds, like horse stepping, water, more fanfare when you make progress, and naming. The game also has an updated tattoo system.

The list is long and many of the changes, fixes, and additions are small (and you can read the full patch notes here) and a number of them probably wouldn't necessarily be noticed on their own, but they add up to many coats of polish on the game, and it's encouraging to see such a long list of what might sometimes seem like minor additions (and who doesn't sometimes laugh at patch note inclusions like "Wolves should no longer be silent when they aggro a player" from time to time?). Overall, it does seem to show the team's continued hard work in getting the game out, and should make those who can't wait to play Mortal Online 2, more understanding of the decision to delay.


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