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Mortal Online 2 Server Capacity Increased and Two Instances Closed as Star Vault Delivers an Update

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Star Vault continues to update Mortal Online 2  in order to bring the game up to a more stable and playable condition. It has been weeks of uncertainty for players but the team is really kicking in some of the fixes promised to help make the game more accessible to all who want to play. 

The latest patch removed two of the alt Myrland instances and introduced several fixes for crashes and glitches on the main server. This is possible since the max capacity for all servers has also been increased.

The fixes include making it so that leaving Haven shouldn’t block you from going into one of the Myrland instances. Another bug that affected instances involved pets, where only pets that are close to you when you log out will follow you into one of the instances. 

Improvements on the backend include network engine optimization and optimization for the communications server, fixing the crafting UI sound several issues with AI leashing have been fixed and certain quality of life additions like being able to delete multiple items at once.

Other quality of life fixes include confirmation messages when abandoning pets, being able to hold the Craft button to just continuously keep crafting when using any workbench. Right clicking items when using the crafting UI will update item slots intuitively and the item slots in crafting UI  will only reset when necessary. You can also hold the Scribe button to continuously scribe a stack of scrolls. This follows the ability to delete multiple items at once by using alt right click.

Essentially, Star Vault is continuously making updates to fix and even add content. Added to Mortal Online 2 in this update is a cave in Haven to explore and lootable corpses have been added to Myrland. There’s also a coat of polish to house placement mode.

You can see the full list of updates in the latest patch here at Mortal Online 2.


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