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Mortal Online 2 Reworks Pet Leveling In Latest Beta Patch

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Mortal Online 2's latest beta patch notes have some goodies for those who have been looking for some changes to pet leveling in the MMO. The new patch details a rework of how pet leveling works, as well as brings new tweaks and changes to the MMO.

Firstly, it looks as though how pet experience and leveling is handled is getting a major rework, with the notes detailing the changes in the patch notes. Now pets will utilize an experience system which sees pets themselves gain experience passively every "10th second while tamed." This experience amount is based on the pet's currently loyalty level, according to the patch notes. The frequency they earn experience can be sped up as well through the Animal Care skill.

As such, pets will gain experience that will be used to level them up. However, as leveling a pet will require enough pet points to do so, the patch notes state that experience will carry over until the player has enough points to advance.

"Pets that gain enough experience to level up but the owner don't have enough pet points to level it up will now keep their experience and level up once the owner has enough pet points. You can see your pet's experience in the pet window."

In addition to the pet revamp, changes have been made to some skill books, where they will not only teach you the skill that the book is related to, but also the parent skill if you don't know it just yet. Additionally, clade gifts are getting tweaked, with many of them seeing an increase in their potency. You can check out the myriad notes on Steam


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