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Mortal Online 2 releases Updated Roadmap: 'An Enthralling Experience Ahead'

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Earlier this month players of Star Vault’s Mortal Online 2 were informed that they will learn much more about what’s headed down the pipe in an upcoming stream with CEO Henrik Nystrom. Last week, Henrik took to the weekly Twitch Stream and provided the aforementioned Roadmap, that details plenty of new upcoming features.

If you missed the Mortal Online 2 Roadmap Stream at the end of last week, then you probably haven’t been briefed on some of the upcoming changes that are headed into the game. During the stream, Henrik addresses several issues that players have experienced relating to server sync issues, and expressed that players should not use WiFi to play the game to exacerbate that issue. However, the penultimate moment happened when the new Roadmap for Mortal Online 2 was divulged. Earlier this year, Star Vault revealed that they will migrate their engine to Unreal Engine 5, which the team believes is still on track to happen, but it’s listed as being further out as part of an Epic Release of features.

Here is a quick list of the items shown on the roadmap:

  • Territory Control
  • Siege Systems
  • Table Games
  • Citizen Behavior
  • Thievery
  • Zone Rules
  • Night Vision
  • Notice Board for Guild Info and Recruitment
  • New Player Experience Changes
  • Server Capacity Increase
  • Upgrade to Unreal Engine 5

Unfortunately, there was no specific timeline on any of these features, and Henrik was quick to add that some of these features could change. Currently, Mortal Online 2 sits at a 24-hour peak player count of about 1100 Steam players, according to SteamDB. The peak daily active players have been generally stable over the past 6 months, which points to the possibility that Star Vault has found its niche, and has been successful at keeping them active throughout 2022. With so many changes on the way, will you be giving Mortal Online 2 a try? Pop into the comments and let us know.


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