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Mortal Online 2 Receives Minotaur King

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Mortal Online 2’s latest beta patch adds the Minotaur King and more.

The latest patch, patch, features several new additions, changes, and fixes. As to what’s been added, you can expect Tindrem sewers, Tindrem Aren District, Tindrem Garden, mana regen added to statistics, Minotaur King, Minotaur Guards, Pet Broker, and more titles.

Changes include the following:

  • Reverted changes to player movement updates in previous patch to see if the occasional jitter/stutter in player movement is related to those changes.
  • Optimized the Jungle area to reduce stuttering.
  • Small horse bags now have their correct look.
  • Updated navmesh in Morin Khur area.
  • Character creation’s weight sliders min value is now 70%(skinny) and max is 180%(bulging).
  • AI that goes into hiding after appearing will now regenerate their health.
  • Increased the distance that you see AI animations at.
  • Reduced chance for the horse idle head shake to happen as it was too repetitive.
  • Mount/dismount silent stun timer decreased.

Beta patch also includes a swathe of fixes such as:

  • Issues with the broker should now be sorted.
  • Removed a large hitch that happened when going from sprinting to jogging in combat mode.
  • Fixed crash related to loading a player with a bow.
  • Fixed issue with titles. They should now update properly in the UI.
  • Fixed roughness values on Conifer tree Billboards which were causing graphical issues when using low AA settings.
  • Fixed issue where large black spots could appear on screen at times (was related to volumetric clouds).

You can check out the full beta patch notes here. Late last month, the Mortal Online 2 team shared info on polish as they head towards launch, which was pushed back to January 2.


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