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Mortal Online 2 Pushed Back to January 2022, Early Access Canceled

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Mortal Online 2, originally scheduled to release next month, will now be launching on January 25th. The team has not only pushed the final release back, but because of the extra development time, they're also canceling the planned early access.

In the announcement discussing the decision to delay, the dev team understands that delays are frustrating but the decision was made to delay release in order to take more time to polish up the game before release. The team states that it simply became clear that the time will give them time to put in additional features that would have been saved for a post-launch update, including such community requests as the housing system. 

The team recently got some more feedback and technical data from the final stress test this month. It’s not known if the data from this stress test was behind any of the changes, but if the end result is a more polished game, that’s not a bad result.

This will also allow time to test, fix some crucial and minor bugs, and simply apply the finishing touches. With the update plans solidified for the extra couple of months, the early access just wasn't as important. Instead of an early access period, they insist that waiting and instead delivering “the most content rich, stable and fun experience we possibly can” will be worth waiting for in the end. We’ll have to see where things stand on January 25th, but this isn’t the end of pre-release access opportunities for those who want to support the development.

Mortal Online 2 will still be running its closed beta (no subscription required through the new launch date, so anyone who does want to test out the game earlier will be able to get access by buying a beta package on the Mortal Online 2 site, or by looking out for a Steam preorder package coming soon. 


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