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Mortal Online 2 Previews the Upcoming Weather System, and How You'll Be Able to Alter It

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Star Vault previewed Mortal Online 2’s impressive upcoming weather system, showing off  an overhauled system that will add some additional realism and strategic considerations to your adventures.

The team released a video showing off the various weather effects, from a peaceful, sunny day, to winds kicking up, to rain, and serious fog setting in, before moving on to soft, and then heavy snow. The game is in the process of getting a big overhaul, and this new system looks to be a highlight on the current roadmap. 

The rain, snow, and fog look particularly likely to impact adventurers traveling through Nave, especially once visibility takes a serious hit. What's important about the weather system is that it will sync server-wide, so if it's snowing for you, it will be snowing for everyone. This affects immersion because you'll all be facing the same potential challenges posed by something like fog, as well as sometimes just being able to observe some beautiful clear skies as you travel. 

One of the important details previewed in the recent stream debuting the work-in-progress footage, is that the weather system will release sooner than expected, but the new magic School, Elementalism, won't be arriving at the same time as the weather overhaul. Elementalism will now arrive slightly later than the weather change, but this will give everyone a chance to get used to what these weather cycles look and feel like before then. 

This is important, because Elementalism will give you the chance to alter the weather. The two changes coming to Mortal Online 2 go together, and they’ll be revealing more soon on both.

“Besides adding a huge upgrade to the immersion factor of the game, when Elementalism comes out in the patch after, players will be able to alter the weather in various ways which will affect how their spells work.”

With the weather system obviously impacting the experience, being able to control or alter the weather, especially when it runs the same conditions for everyone across the server, should be pretty interesting.

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