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Mortal Online 2 Patch Ups Housing Item Limits, Fixes Bugs, and Lets You Call the Guard on Criminals

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Work continues on Mortal Online 2 as Star Vault continues improving the game, including with this week’s fixes, changes, and quality of life updates. 

One of the new additions is a password system for houses. An owner can change a password from the house UI but if you leave the password blank it means no one can enter your house using the password.  There is also a new type of decoration chest called access chests, that can be opened by anyone who knows the password to the house. items can be added or taken out. If you enter a house using the correct password, you retain access unless the owner changes the password, you move too far away, or you relog.

Several new options are designed to make your life easier. Gear vendors got new campfires, crushers, grinders, and grizzlies, while there are new NPC vendors and support for NPCs in houses. Safety changes means now you can use  /guard when targeting a criminal to have a guard come help. It also means that you can get a combatant debuff if you attack a player you’re at war with, which will send a guard after you if spotted. Other commands like /bank, /broken, and /petbroker can be used when near those NPCs.

Other helpful additions include increasing the housing item limit. Small houses go from 500 to 700 items, medium houses from 600 to 800, strongholds from 1000 to 1200, and keeps from 1200 to 1400. There are also increases in Max decoration items per floor in strongholds and keeps.

A bunch of fixes were also made in this patch to everything from correcting text to making items properly targetable all the way to wild glitches like 0-damage spells executing targets when in mercy mode. 

For the full list of fixes, helpful changes, and more, see the notes here at the  Steam page for Mortal Online 2.


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