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Mortal Online 2 Patch Stabilizes and Raises Server Capacity As Alt Myrland is Off and Star Vault Prepares Content

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Star Vault continues working on practical fixes for Mortal Online 2 on the way to making the game more stable and polished so the team can move onto regular content updates. The latest patch increases stability enough so that the alt Myrland instances are no longer needed at this time.

With the bumpy launch and promises to keep fixing the stability and capacity issues, they have turned off the alt Myrland servers after previously cutting them back in number. The series of patches released since launch have achieved the goal today of making the single server stable enough to host all players in the same instance. The instances were only a temporary measure anyway, so this should hopefully give the team the opportunity to start really releasing content updates as they had planned.

This week's patch, in addition to capacity and stability, also makes updates to the trade UI to make it clear who you're actually trading with, controlling housing so that you can't place a house within 20 meters of a different house, and lets you see player names from further away. hey've also fixed a number of issues related to criminal status, timers, and pets. Now your pet won't turn you into a criminal if you attack with it during a duel. Pets now get awareness and check their owners' gray list when they attack someone to make sure it's actually allowed.  The T wall location near keep spots got a tier 2 upgrade and there are dynamic spawn locations around the world to spawn a variety of different AI.

Other changes include a variety of fixes to resources showing the wrong images, to  adding the correct swing speed to light weapons, fixing glitches that let you place more than one house,  and also made some corrections to audio and visual glitches. 

Head here to read the full patch notes for Mortal Online 2


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