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Mortal Online 2 Opens Preorders With New Gameplay Trailer and a New Closed Beta Event Roadmap

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Mortal Online 2 will be out on January 25th, and there's both a new gameplay trailer showing off the progress the development team has made, and the official opening of preorders. With closed beta access included, the roadmap to launch includes some special events.

What you’ll notice from the trailer is how this new continuation in the Mortal Online franchise looks to expand the world, offer lots of creatures to take on and defeat, and of course, to fight and conquer. With the original delay to January, the Star Vault team declared itself dedicated to polish, and canceled the early access. Preordering the game now won't exactly get you early access, but it will net you closed beta access. This will be wiped before full release, but you'll be able to play until the game is out. So you’ll get the closed beta access now and a month of game time after launch. 

The closed beta will help the team in the final run to get those remaining bits of polish done, all while giving players who want it the opportunity to immerse themselves in the closed beta to get a feel of what the next step in the Mortal Online franchise looks and plays like. 

To support both new and returning closed beta players, there will be events like large player battles, dev streams, and contests for goodies. Those battles have already been in testing in the open field, and even the gameplay trailer shows some of it, but expect these to ramp up in the weeks through launch, both in open fields and in the all new Tindrem Arena. Other fun like fishing  (after the fishing update arrives sometime in December) and screenshot contests will also encourage beta players to explore and adventure. 

For more on the Mortal Online 2 preorder and closed beta promotional events, see the release roadmap here.


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