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Mortal Online 2 Opens Four New Myrland Instances to Increase Capacity For Now

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Since the launch of Mortal Online 2, Star Vault has been promising fixes as well as other ideas to help with the demand as well as server stability. One of the ideas they announced was to introduce alternate instances of Myrland to accompany the original main server as a way to handle the demand. 

These instances will let you log into Myrland but they’re designed to be temporary. They are built on planned new continents that the team wants to add in the future but right now they will essentially be placeholder instances. There are four alternate instances and the original main server so there are five choices to make when you log in. From the main menu you’ll be able to choose your instance.

When you do try to log in, you will see a queue time and if you want to try to see if another one is shorter, you can cancel and pick another instance. However once you log into an instance, if you log out, there will be a two hour cooldown before you can choose another instance. The team says this was done to prevent hop farming by cycling through the instances to get resources.

You also can’t place any buildings on the alternate instances. Since these instances are placeholders and will be scrapped in order to proceed with the plans they already had of adding new continents, everything there is temporary. You won’t be able to use trade, or pet brokers, lead a guild, or use mail either.  The instances let you play but essentially they are holding areas. There’s additional capacity in a sense, but materially, there’s more to be done.

The team acknowledges that it’s a patchwork solution and they continue to work to increase capacity on the main server. There’s no timeline on when this will be available so these patchwork placeholder instances will have to do for now. (We've covered our early impressions in our Review in Progress here.)

For the announcement of the instances and more details, head to Mortal Online 2.


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