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Mortal Online 2 Opens Final Territory Control PTR Today

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Mortal Online 2 is holding the final Territory Control PTR test starting today. 

The start of the test was delayed from its original proposed date of yesterday, but the team is ready to let everyone test out the event, the new systems, and the servers. The patch notes were also released today to let us know exactly what these final test features that have been added are as well as some of the changes from previous testing feedback.

Star Vault has added a couple of things for this playtest, including 20 new supply towers that they had originally planned for PTR 2, but are now finally in the game build. They've also split the Master Builder into three different vendors, each with a different category of structure plans, which seems like it should make for  easier organization.  Finally, the team has also done additional work to optimize the servers to increase capacity.  Of course, with a wide open invitation for the new playtest, perhaps there will be additional server optimization work needed before the full Territory Control update is out.

The patch also makes a number of changes to a few features. Many stem from Elementalism fixes, including spells now using the right reagents and some tweaks to spell damage and cost. Other changes adjust certain spawns, extended stable and siege tent bases to make them easier to place, and updates to the in-game map. Other practical tweaks include adjustments to structure placement mode to make it easier to clear the ground of things like rocks when you want to place items. 

Many of the changes are necessary cleanup and refinement of the big new systems on the way, so these all affect player experience. Some of the bigger fixes impact the placement and structure systems, and a number of bugs squashed having to do with decorating houses, losing items, bugs affecting pets, and even a few guild related glitches.

Overall, it’s a thorough patch and fits with the start of what is set to be the last big playtest before the huge new feature launches and changes Mortal Online 2.


Christina Gonzalez

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