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Mortal Online 2 Officially Launches With New Features, Expanding Fishing, and Lots of Fixes

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Mortal Online 2 is finally out and all of the beta servers have been wiped ahead of launch. There is a day one patch, however and this adds some features as well as makes changes to set things up for a smoother launch.

Some of the additions to the game with the day one patch include new dungeons, including the Risar dungeon expansion.  There are new animals and wildlife including three new fishes to catch.  The face customization has been finalized for character creation, and there's a new login scene and a new scene  for the character creation process. All of this is suited to a new beginning to enjoy.

Some of the other  changes made are intended to improve visual performance and stability.  Some of these include removing the help button and the in-game web browser to improve stability, some adjustments to sound like disabling character steps after a distance, and a change letting you drag the game in windowed mode without actually locking it up. The Minotaur dungeon has been redesigned from the beta, and environmental situations like rain and light have seen some tweaks. 

Fishing, which was fully added in the final couple of patches, also gets some attention, with new fish added, some values changed, and variation n on fish depth and bait types. This should make the feature more varied. Fishing was such a touted feature, these changes should be appreciated by those who want more challenge.

There are also a number of fixes for the game including addressing some character creation bugs, which is very important for launch day, of course. Some of these were making so characters don’t reset every time a change is made in character creation and adjustments to shape and body sizes not being even or as expected. 

Being launch day, there’s a lot to explore and much work covered in Mortal Online 2 ’s day one patch. You can read the full notes here on all the fixes from bugs that were preventing proper XP gain to tweaks in the Troll’s ice breath particles now being as intended. 


Christina Gonzalez

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