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Mortal Online 2 Improves AI, and Will Preview Weather System Today

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Mortal Online 2 will preview its upcoming weather system today, and this week’s update introduced several new features including expanded hotbars, a new combining skill, updates to pets, and new points of interest.

The weekly stream with Star Vault CEO Henrik will show off the weather system that’s on the way. The stream and system are being teased with some moody and foggy new screenshots, perhaps more reminiscent of Silent Hill than Nave. Expect the stream at 7 PM UCT, where more details will be revealed.

This week already brought a number of changes, as Star Vault continues working on the goals in its updated roadmap. The latest round of new points of interest have been added to head out and discover. 

The update also introduced a new combining skill that lets you combine items to create new ones from scratch. They've added kegs to the game, which you can use to brew potions. You can also combine that keg with vials to fill them up from the keg instead of having to keep brewing individual vials of potions. 

That’s one change that should make your life easier. Another one is the expanded hotbars. There are now a total of eight layers to customize in the ways that best suit your needs.

They've also improved the AI in several ways, including for smoother AI movement in groups, and loading improvements that fixed a bug where AI looked like it was attacking from very far away. Also, if you have a pet it should keep up with you better and also get a 20% out of combat speed boost while they're following. Your pet will teleport to you if it gets stuck and added a warning when trying to log out if your pet will follow you or if it’s too far to come.

You can read the full patch notes, including a number of new fixes, over at Mortal Online 2.


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