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Mortal Online 2 Gives Update on Stress Testing

Steven Weber Posted:
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The stress test for Mortal Online 2 has been trucking along for 6 days. CEO of Star Vault Henrik Nyström took to the discord to explain what’s been going on with the systems and the improvements headed to the game for early access.

Mortal Online 2’s stress test appears to have been quite popular, with thousands of players joining in to break the servers. According to Star Vault on their discord, the influx of players did just that, with login servers preventing players from logging in while desync issues plagued the game, causing skipping and action delays. Early on in the stress test, the database overloaded, but the team was able to fix it over the course of the weekend.

The team was also happy to report that client and server crashes were relatively low. The stress test will also be extended for a few more days, as more work is done to provide a more stable experience. New server hardware along with some optimized code was implemented over the past couple days as improvements are pushed through. Today, high queue times and login issues persist, but more optimization, fixes and refining of systems are on the way. Players can also expect a new roadmap for April soon.

You should certainly check out the previous roadmap that Star Vault put out in February if you’re interested in learning more about what features Mortal Online 2 will implement, and when.


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