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Mortal Online 2 Gets More Improvements, as Star Vault Pays Tribute to a GM

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Mortal Online 2 continues getting improvements and adjustments via regular patches, with the latest adding some new points of interest in the world and a number of other changes. This comes as Star Vault is paying tribute to one of its GMs, Ahmose, who recently died, with a special post and plans for an in-game memorial.

As promised, the new points of interest that Star Vault said we're coming have been included in this patch. They've also opened the Fabernum city sewers. This adds a new explorable area and both of these changes are the two major content additions for this patch, which is generally focused on balance and fixes.

The major fixes in the patch include making sure that  Domination will function as intended. So players who are interested in taming some creatures, now is the time since this should now be possible. There's also a tentative fix for the bug  where a weapon might turn invisible when equipped. A change to armor should now make it so that armor shoulder pads are hidden in first person view so they're not blocking your view in combat. Feel free to wear your biggest, baddest, armor if you want to.

The full list of fixes is long, and addresses everything from adjusted HP for some creatures, a notification when you try to delete items that are stolen, a safeguard that means you can’t disband a guild by typing a command anymore, and some repaired glitches that affected spells. There are a ton more improvements that you can read in the full list, including the work that “Fixed an issue where shrinking food would sometimes make you taller”.

Star Vault’s tribute post for Ahmose quotes some who knew him, with contributions from members of the team who worked with him on both Mortal Online and Mortal Online 2. Clearly, he was a longtime part of the Star Vault family. As a special extension of the tribute, Star Vault will create an in-game memorial that all can visit.

For more on the tribute to Ahmose, read that over at Mortal Online 2.


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