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Mortal Online 2, Fresh Off Combat Tests, Will Hold Second Tournament of Tindrem

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 With improvements to Mortal Online 2 recently, and more on the way, Star Vault is holding a special competition this week, via the second Tournament of Tindrem.

Mortal Online 2 recently held some test periods that were centered around large-scale group combat, so this just might have been helped by what they were preparing to handle. The competition this time around will take place at the Tindrem arena at 7 PM UTC/ 2 PM EST on December 1st. This special event will coincide with Star Vault CEO Henrik’s weekly stream. 

In order to participate or even to just witness the tournament, you’ll need to be in good standing with the Republic of Nordveld, whose guards will be stationed around the arena. This decision was made in order to maximize the number of players that can attend the event. The entrances to the south and east of the Arena will not have any Tindremic guards, Makes it possible for most people to attend regardless of reputation.

All of the fights will get brackets and progress in rounds, so it will be an organized tournament. The competition will take place in rounds of 2v2 competition where teams fight each other until mercy. If combatants enter mercy mode, they'll be out of the fight for that round but their partner can still have a chance to win the round. If they do, then both will progress to the next round. Star Vault is encouraging bringing extra weapons.

Tournament winners will be eligible for a number of prizes including a suit of ceremonial engraved golden Draconigena Armatus armor, a trophy, decoration item, and more. The community will have a chance to contribute to an event prize pool. Anyone who wants to donate gold or items, though the team hopes they will be useful items, can do so.

There are rules for the competition, including a cap on overall participants, so head over to Mortal Online 2 to read the full rules and see the preliminary brackets.


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