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Mortal Online 2 Expands Server Capacity Again, Fixes a Bunch of Bugs

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Star Vault has released a new patch for Mortal Online 2 that is intended to increase the server capacity more, address some bugs, and also include various quality-of-life improvements. 

The patch is entirely dedicated towards fixes and more technical stuff without new content, and any announcement of the new patch, the team expresses understanding that this isn't very exciting, but their goal is to get things more stable on the global server. Once capacity reaches where they have in mind, they'll return to new content patches roughly every two weeks.

As a result of additional capacity, they may also be decreasing the number of alternate Myrland instances.  Last time they increased capacity, they reduced the number of alternate instances from four down to two. Could we possibly see the alternate instances disappear? Well, we'll see how that goes.

Star Vault says they have been working on new content since launch, but because they had to prioritize addressing the launch issues, they had to put  most of their focus on exactly that.  The patch notes show additional changes such as fixing several bugs that affected players getting stuck, landscape issues, some misaligned rivers that affected swimming, buff icons appearing in the wrong place,  And clade gift XP not distributed relative to the damage each player actually did in the fight. 

You can now get a warning and then turn criminal if you've pushed innocent players too much. You'll also be able to burn your murdercounts while offline, but this will come at a speed penalty as this will happen 6 times slower than if you were online. Guild invites will now come in the social menu instead of just popping up on your screen. 

You can read the blog about the server expansion over at Mortal Online 2, with the full patch notes over on Steam.


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