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Mortal Online 2 Combat Alpha Patch Notes Bring Host of Changes and Fixes

Plus some new additions

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Some combat alpha patch notes for Mortal Online 2 have been published, featuring several additions, changes, and fixes.

If you recall, the closed combat alpha is currently underway. In fact, some initial footage of the alpha was shared by the developers, showing off some close quarter combat. The game was announced back in December, set to feature a massive sandbox sans classes or levels.

The most recent patch introduces several new additions:

  • Added option for using video settings recommended for your PC.
  • Added inital stats page, it’s not perfect or all working but it’s there.
  • Added a lot of new tooltips.
  • Added Khurite Splinted armor.
  • Added Khurite Splinted armor to the character creation.
  • Added beards.
  • Added some minor death partciles when the skeleton gets removed.
  • Chat now supports a lot more characters not just basic English characters.
  • /? will now start showing a list of commands. /? <commandname> will give further information about that command.
  • You now see leaderboards when finishing the melon track. There are still some issues with this, they take a long time to come up and the times are not show only your placement.
  • Added Field of View settings.
  • AddedEquipment hits.
  • Equip hits on weapons now removes durability from the weapon you hit.

Along with some changes to UI, NPC placement, and the like, the team have also implemented several fixes:

  • Fixed minor UI issues in the login screen.
  • Fixed issue where tooltips would disapear if you hovered something and got hit.
  • Fixed issue with dropping UI on other UI removing the UI.
  • Fixed issues with tooltips in message boxes not being the correct class.
  • The suicide button in the paperdoll will now update it’s text even if the paperdoll is open when you die.
  • Chat no longer shows “there’s” as “there”s”.


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