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Mortal Online 2 Beta Patch Brings Broker, Revamped Crafting, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest beta patch for Mortal Online 2 brings the broker, a revamp to crafting, and more improvements and fixes. Read on for details.

There are tons of additions with this latest patch, including:

  • Added Trade Broker system.
  • Added support for picking up mail used in the broker system.
  • Added Cougars.
  • Added DireWolves.
  • Added Sators.
  • Added updated weakspot calculation to dagger crafting.
  • Added new logout system:

Crafting specifically saw some additions including:

  • Added new crafting system
  • Having your crafting skills and material skills above level 70 will now only impact the durability of the item you are making.
  • Crafting skill no longer impacts how much materials you use when crafting melee weapons.
  • The "worst" item you can make if you have 1 skill in every skill is now better than before.
  • Removed the dice roll from crafting that gave players legendary items if they were high enough skill.
  • Crafters that have 100 skill in all crafting skills required to make an item can now sign and name their items.

The patch also brought myriad changes in addition to several fixes. These fixes revolve mostly around performance and stability, but also some gameplay elements:

  • Refactored multiple core systems to fix engine garbage collection crashes.
  • Player should no longer become misaligned with the world after dismounting a horse in a slope.
  • NPCs would not look at a character in front of them if another character was close and beside or behind to them.
  • NPCs would sometimes not be floored because of engine spawn placement correction.
  • AI path points from the server would sometimes fail to project to the floor because it did not take character height into account.

You can read the full patch notes here. The beta for Mortal Online 2 continues to see regular updates and improvements. A previous update, for example, introduced mounted melee combat.


Poorna Shankar