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Mortal Online 2 Beta Patch Adds New Starting Location, Better AI

More changes, more fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you missed it, a Mortal Online 2 beta patch released earlier which added a new starting location, more aggressive AI, and more.

The patch also added a new map area around the new starting location, Morin Khur. AI additions included aggressive, defensive, and guard AI. Additionally, AI can now carry and use shields, bows, and melee weapons. The beta patch brought about several changes as well including:

  • Charged attacks can now be released before reaching the end of the charge animation.
  • Increased pitch sensitivity in click-drag.
  • Updated weather.
  • Updated environment sounds.
  • Landscape optimization. (Textures, gaps, collision issues etc.)
  • Major optimization work on all UI.
  • CPU bottleneck in the UI fixed, resulting in better game performance. (Please try using DX12 again if you have been using DX11 for performance reasons.)

Several fixes were included in the beta patch including crashes related to chat and servers. Since this is a beta, there are still several known issues from guard behavior, AI patching, and more.


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