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Mortal Online 2 Beta Patch Adds Steppe Horses, Brings Fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Beta patch for Mortal Online 2 adds Steppe Horses and brings about several fixes.

Do note here that these horses can’t be tamed or ridden just yet, but they have been added. The patch also adds the MorinKhur Graveyad, bush pigs, several translations and languages, gathering to rocks and trees in the jungle, and a press extraction device to the jungle.

The patch also introduces several changes to creature collision with players, reducing network usage when players are standing still, and optimization in the jungle. The patch also brings a bunch of more general fixes including:

  • Fixed a couple of crashes.
  • Fixed floating NPCs.
  • Fixed issues with buff-bar.
  • Fixed then login crashes.
  • Fixed issues with cooldown not triggering correctly.
  • Fixed issue with springboks not fleeing when they noticed a player.
  • Fixed rotation issues.
  • Fixed resources not respawning correctly after getting depleted.

Check out the full beta patch notes here.


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