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Mortal Online 2 Beta Patch Adds a Gore System

Positively gore-ious

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new gore system has been implemented to Mortal Online 2’s beta as part of its most recent patch.

The gore system brings with it several details including the fact that slashing deaths can remove limbs. Additionally, piercing deaths will trigger specific death effects. Finally, blunt deaths will have more oomph.

The patch also added support for death synchronization, better AI for herd behavior, adding the Myrland Junble, Wisents, new sounds for Kallards, and a Jungle Camp. The patch also brought about a bunch of new fixes and changes including:

  • Tindremene constitution cap increased from 92 to 96.
  • Tindremene strength cap increased from 96 to 100.
  • Increased length of two-handed axe handles.
  • Replaced humanoid idle sequences / poses with new ones.
  • Creatures now properly rotate in place with movement instead of swiveling like a turret.
  • Creatures can now turn their head and look at players while staying stationary instead of rotating in place while doing so. (if they are interested in the player that is…)


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