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Mortal Online 2 Beta Adds Player Housing and Keeps, Along With Bug Fixes and More Polish

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The latest beta update for Mortal Online 2 includes lots of new additions, some changes to the environment, rewards, skills, along with, many fixes for the game, UI, and crashes..

With Mortal Online 2 out next month,  there's heavy emphasis on adding features. The biggest features in this patch are player houses and keeps. There's also support for shared buildings that players can all contribute to help build in the world and...share. To get this all up and running, there are now house vendors in all cities, keep vendors in Tindrum and Morin Khur and items to support them.

Other additions include adding beards and hairstyles to character creation, the ability to see your weight class in character creation, and an overhaul of tattoos. Nation tattoos have been replaced with clade tattoos, Something that will affect all tattooed characters already existing in the beta. The team advises not to change anything about tattoos yet because the next update also disrupt and change tattoos. They're also improved descriptions for stats in character creation and the window to help you along. For Mortal Online fans, there’s also the addition of Clothos Maiden Queen.

Fixes and changes include lowering the task standing rewards, and no longer awarding standing from killing AI from different nations. You've got to earn that standing. There are new texture quality options and streaming pools have been reduced for all quality levels. These were done based on feedback about game stutter and and VRAM-related crashes. Also to address crashing, the team made some server changes to avoid nodes crashing with a lot of players present. 

The patch notes also include adding Terror Birds and Urials, making the fauna richer out there in Nave, and a whole lot of quality of life fixes and adjustments to polish things up. For the full notes, see the update over on Mortal Online 2.


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