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Mortal Online 2 Apologizes for Login Issues - States Servers are Not at Capacity

Steven Weber Posted:
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It is not uncommon for MMORPGs to face a number of issues on launch, and Star Vault’s Mortal Online 2 if no exception. The Founder of Star Vault Henrik Nyström released a statement yesterday via their website to apologize for the ongoing server queue issues related to logging into Myrland from Haven, and detailed the gameplan on fixing the problems.

According to Nyström, the team has been working 24 hours a day to add fixes and improvements to the game, even going so far as to bring on additional networking experts to cure the problem faster. Now that they’ve determined the cause of the issue, Nyström stated that a fix is on the way, but it will take several days to implement:

The good news is that we now have a very good picture of the main issues and how we need to solve them. This requires a few days before it’s fully implemented the way we need it to work. This means we will have a queue number and a fully working login step. The login bounces we have had so far have been identified and we know what we need to do so solve this as well.

We fully understand the frustration of not being able to login to Myrland, and we feel the same pain as you do here.

- Henrik Nyström, CEO and Founder Star Vault, Mortal Online 2

On the official Mortal Online 2 Discord, a new community manager named Robmo took to the announcements to answer some questions and take some pressure off of the developers that detailed an increase in direct messages related to the ongoing problems the game has encountered.

A few questions were answered alongside the introduction of the new community manager, detailing what players can expect regarding the servers at this stage. There will be no server reboots, no patches, no server wipes, and no character deletions at this time. The servers are not currently at capacity, and the issue Star Vault has experienced has nothing to do with server capacity, but a queue and load system that isn’t working properly.

The issue occurs predominantly when players are trying to head to Myrland from Haven, the starting location. As a temporary fix to get players back to playing, Star Vault intends to implement a “Return to Haven” feature, so that players can continue playing while the problems with the Myrland queue get fixed. In addition to returning to haven, Star Vault intends to add more features to Haven to keep players interested while fixes are put in place. There were no specifics as to what kind of features will be added, or when, only that these changes are upcoming.

Mortal Online 2 launched on January 25th, and has since been working towards fixing several errors and crashes that many players have encountered. Hopefully for the players, Star Vault is able to handle them swiftly, so players can get back in to the world of Mortal Online 2.


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