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Mortal Online 2 Announced, New Trailer Released

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Mortal Online 2 has been announced today, and players can get a glimpse of the game via a new trailer which the studio released earlier this morning. 

Technically announced earlier this year, Star Vault has officially, again, announced Mortal Online 2, via a press release, new website and steam listing. In addition, the team behind the game has released a trailer, giving players a first look at the Unreal Engine goodness the team is working on. 

Via a press release from Star Vault:

Mortal Online 2 is the long awaited sequel to Star Vault’s long running first person sandbox MMORPG. In Mortal Online 2 you get to explore a massive sandbox world with full PvP and full loot. This makes every fight an adrenaline fueled encounter not for the faint of heart. Mortal Online 2 has no classes or levels; instead it features an open ended skill system where the player gains points in skills simply by using them. 

In addition to the lack of levels and classes, Mortal Online 2 will limit your account to a single character, detailing that this change is due to a change in the skill-system, making each character more versatile and not as constrained as Mortal Online 1's hyper-focused character roles. 

A timer on the Mortal Online 2 webpage lists the closed alpha as around 4 months away, and players who want to take part in the Closed Alpha can do so by purchasing the "Conflux" donation package - which includes a lifetime sub to MO1, 1 month of MO2 sub time, access to the alpha and a character name reservation, all for $149 if you're so inclined. 


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