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Mortal Online 2 Adds New Magic School, Elementalism, Expands Alchemy, and Lots More

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Mortal Online 2 enters a new chapter with the introduction of a new school of magic, Elementalism. Star Vault’s latest update not only added Elementalism, but new Alchemy effects, expanding that system, along with  some quality of life changes.

Elementalism is the second part of the major change that the team promised a while back, with the first stage that made it into the game being the overhauled and dynamic weather system. That system was initially supposed to release alongside Elementalism, but the latter needed some more time in development first. Now the system is here, so what does that mean for adventures in Nave?

It opens up new magic opportunities and even more spells you can add. With the introduction of Elementalism, you'll have more ways to take advantage of spellcasting, including the use of projectiles. You will be learning to master the elements, and potentially learning how to affect the weather that otherwise is the same for everyone. Star Vault hinted at this possibility when they introduced the weather system, noting there might be ways of impacting it or even changing it. Which might even lead to strategic advantages. The patch notes also warn that “Bad weather may now occur more often”. Hmm. 

There are groups of elementalists around Myrland to learn from, so that’s worth some exploration. The changes to Alchemy expand that system and opens up the ability to refine new items, to even discover new resources and new effects from ingredients. Some of these processes could even let you resist magic damage.

Changes in the patch include the ability to get knocked down while you're mounted, and a magic related change that lets you walk while casting magic from any of the game's magic schools. There are a number of improvements to pets, balance changes, and a series of fixes for crash issues and performance issues.

Head over to Mortal Online 2 to read the extensive patch notes. This is the biggest update in some time, with some of these changes long in the works.


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