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Mortal Online 2 Adds Beast Mastery, a Pet Skills System, and the Realistic Server-Wide Weather System

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Star Vault has made good on big updates for Mortal Online 2. The latest patch added Beast Mastery to the game, and made a number of changes, including the new weather system previewed several weeks ago.

Beast Mastery is a big one,  and it should add some layers to interactions and possibilities within the game.  Pets get a new resource, focus,  and your pet gains focus back by being in combat. Focus gain also gets a boost  if you raise your Beast Mastery skill.

Taming animals in the wild now gets strategic. Most of the creatures you can tame or dominate will have four pet skills, each with a focus cost. So you'll have to have enough focus to use those skills, which you’ll have to trigger. You can queue up one skill when your pet has the focus to use it, and the next attack will be that skill.Some of these skills will also have a target requirement, that if you don’t lock before triggering, will use up the focus cost but not actually trigger. It's a layered system that is also affected by how skilled you are in Beast Mastery. With new skills to learn, it’s up to you how you might incorporate the new system.

Other changes in the update to support these new additions include new buffs and debuffs, 47 new skills, and about 100 new AI attacks that are used in Beast Mastery, but also shared with normal AI.

The weather system is the other major addition in this patch. System as a touch of realism as well as strategy. Effects like rain, snow, fog, wind, sun, and more will cycle in server-wide.  This make sure that the weather affects everyone at the same time and it might take some time to get used to the new systems. Star Vault adding the weather system first is important because they will add a new magic school, Elementalism, and once that launches, it will be possible in some way that is still unknown, to alter the weather.

For more details, see the full patch notes at Mortal Online 2. 


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