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Morrowind PTS Patch Notes Released, Controversy Sparked

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The flames of controversy are swirling around the Elder Scrolls Online forums thanks to today's release of the Morrowind PTS patch notes. Of particular concern to many players are the large changes being made to resource management and the effect it will have on some classes.

Developers argue that resource management has become "trivial" and that certain classes have "nearly infinite sustainability while still being fully maximized for damage". In addition, the team wants players to use prudent decision making when using abilities, both from a combat standpoint and resource management.

With that in mind, several big changes have been applied that have caused some in the community to question the decision:

  • Restores based on the maximum resource pool - These abilities were simply too effective once you obtained a significant pool size.
  • Cost reduction & recovery passives - Several of these passives were over-performing and have been adjusted.
  • Group based buffs/synergies - Several of these abilities were near-mandatory in end-game situations and have been adjusted.
  • Resource spend/gain rates - Abilities that cost either too much or too little were adjusted to ensure that each class and build type are spending and gaining resources at roughly the same rate.

The update notes also contain a wealth of information and number-specific alterations about Morrowind with all of its new systems, features and tuning. You can find out more about public dungeons, the Warden, PvP battlegrounds, the new Halls of Fabrication Trial, item sets, crafting motifs, new homes / furnishings / furnishing plans, new collectibles, titles and dyes. 

There is also the more mechanical side of ESO including champion point increases and system rebalancing, skill line unlocking changes, adjusted XP gains from 1-50, merchant updates, trophies, hireling mail, Cyrodiil reward updates, double bank capacity, additional character slots and much more.

It's a lot to take in, so be sure to head to the Elder Scrolls Online site to learn more.

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