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Morgana Challenge Returns to Albion Online This Month

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Morgana Challenge has returned in Albion Online. Participating in this event will give you a chance for some pretty neat rewards. Here’s how you can unlock these items.

The Morgana Challenge is set to run for the entire month of May, so you’ll have plenty of time to hop into Albion Online and check out the activities as you work towards earning those rewards. And what are the rewards you’ll earn?

The Morgana Raven returns as a popular item, which is described as a, ” fearsome, fast-moving flying mount,” bringing with it an area of effect Fear spell. If you’re thinking of working towards this mount, note that the Morgana Raven will require terrain pathing similar to the other mounts in the game. This also means that the raven cannot fly over obstacles or any gaps you see.

The next reward is an Avatar Ring. You can unlock this ring by earning enough Challenge Points through various open world activities. This is a non-tradeable item which permanently unlocks for one of your characters.

Finally, look for seasonal specials all month long. As you complete weekly goals, you’ll unlock Morgana Challenge chests. These chests will include various rewards like Adventurer's Tomes and Silver bags and Morgana-themed furniture items.

You can earn Challenge Points by participating in various open world activities like gathering, fishing, farming, and killing monsters. These points will automatically count towards daily bonuses, your weekly unlockable chest, and the Morgana Raven mount. You can learn more about the challenge here.

Elsewhere in Albion Online news, it was recently announced that the game will officially launch on iOS and Android later this summer. You can learn more about the mobile launch details here. And a recent patch made Hellgates more accessible.


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