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More Than a Few Bungie Developers Have Left Recently - Should Destiny 2 Players Worry?

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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According to a new report over at GameRant, more than a few Destiny 2 developers have left Bungie lately, including Design Lead Joe Blackburn, Senior Writer Jill Scharr, and "sandbox designers" Josh Hamrick, Jon Weisnewski and Claude Jerome. While Blackburn said that his time with Bungie was "amazing", he was offered an opportunity in Santa Monica, CA that he could not pass up. Others who have left have expressed similar thoughts.

When one player wondered if this was a good move for Blackburn, he responded on Twitter saying:

Players are naturally concerned given the number of high-level developers that have left Bungie lately. There is an ongoing thread on the Destiny 2 Reddit indicative of that worry.

It is common for developers to move on after the primary development on a game is finished. While we don't yet know what Bungie's next steps are for Destiny 2 since leaving Activision-Blizzard, it is possible that the development of Annual Pass Season 2 is a natural time for departures while other studios are ramping up production on new projects. 

We'll be keeping eyes on the story.


Suzie Ford

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