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More New World Server Merges Coming This Week

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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This past weekend, Amazon held a special Steam Free Play event for New World. The company created numerous free servers for the event, making sure that anyone who wanted to try out the game could start a character and get going. All of those free play servers were planned to be merged later into existing servers. This has been done, Amazon confirmed, while announcing a new slate of server merges for the live servers across regions.

These upcoming server merges were delayed slightly by the discovery of a bug, but are now set to happen on April 15th at 1pm Pacific. Overall, there are 33 impacted servers that will find themselves merged into other servers. Central EU has the most, 15 servers being merged, while US-East has 12, US-West 4, and Australia, 2. This will leave Australia with two servers, US-West with 4, US-East with 8, and EU-Central with 18.

Given that when New World merges servers, the servers being folded into the destination lose all ownership and control stats, some of these efforts will affect many players. Yet, if there are healthier overall populations on the destination server, there’s at least more of a chance for successful PvP and group finding.

Response from the community has been mixed, with some wondering why their servers weren’t chosen to be merged, and others thanking the team for planning to merge certain ones that were requested. Overall, the New World team has said that any decisions to merge servers are happening on a case by case basis over time. There was a bug that was preventing some server merges from happening due to data issues, but there’s no word yet on whether that has been resolved.

See the full list of servers that will be merged this Friday, and the destinations over at New World.


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