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More Info From Cryptic Studios

Posted Sep 27, 2006 by Jon Wood

More Info From Cryptic Studios

The Cryptic Studios website has been updated with some more information about today's announcement that they will be working with Microsoft and Marvel on the upcoming Marvel Universe Online. The first comes in the form of a letter to Cryptic's fans, expounding on the variety of possibilities for the superhero genre in MMORPGs. The second is a FAQ that answers many of hte questions that are on the minds of gamers. Notably addressing the question of why they are working with a company (Marvel) that tried to sue them two years ago.

When we saw the opportunity to work with Marvel to create their super hero universe, we couldn’t resist. We love comic book heroes. The masked hero genre started over sixty years ago. Its stories, characters and themes have changed with our society. Nearly every type of story imaginable has found its way into the colorful pages of a comic book. That’s one of the main reasons that we feel that there’s plenty of room for more than just one comic book hero game in the MMORPG space. Fans will have an option about the world they will play in, just like they do with the half dozen fantasy titles available. Cryptic prides itself in creating games that we are passionate about based on genres that we know and enjoy. We were excited to find out that Cryptic and Microsoft shared the same vision for a massively multiplayer game based in the Marvel universe, rich with storylines and characters we’ve all grown up with.

Each universe provides players unique characters to play. City of Heroes allowed players to bring their characters into a generic comic book setting. We specifically wanted CoH/V to be broad enough to appeal to the genre as a whole, rather than any specific portion of it. We’re fully committed to City of Heroes and City of Villains. They are our first games, in a universe we devised. These products are the foundation upon which Cryptic is built. Cryptic and NCSoft are jointly investing in a team dedicated solely to creating and maintaining City of Heroes and City of Villains. We will continue to update both titles with new content, including a multi-year storyline, gameplay systems, missions, and much, much more. As a company, we are dedicated to our fans and plan to implement often requested ideas and features. For example, Issue 9 brings to City of Heroes and City of Villains a huge new gameplay system: Inventions. Players will be able to craft Enhancements and Costume pieces for their characters using recipes, and salvage what they find while adventuring.

Compared to the fantasy MMO games, the possibilities for the comic book hero universe are grossly untapped. Creating two worlds that will grow in their own ways means the true potential of the comic book hero MMO can come into its own. For the “City of” games, this expansion of the market probably means an influx of new MMO players who have heard of the Marvel characters but not “City of Heroes,” and will likely try both.

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