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More Characters and Locations Coming to Genshin Impact

Considered a live service game

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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New characters, locations, and next gen console news for Genshin Impact were shared with IGN Japan recently.

Developer MiHoYo spoke with IGN Japan about how they look at Genshin Impact a live service game. To that end, expect the obvious updates and improvements as they continue to build out the game from its current state.

It looks like new mechanics aren’t on the table for the short term. Instead, the team is looking to flesh out the world more. To that end, more characters, character-specific missions, and a third city are being developed.

Player feedback will also influence the direction of updates. Next gen consoles were also touched on. However, it doesn’t like Xbox – either current gen or next gen – is in the cards for the developer,

“We already have plans in regards to Genshin Impact on next-gen consoles, and we will update everyone accordingly at a future date…We currently don't have any plans for an Xbox version of the game."

Recently, it was reported that Genshin Impact is on track to bring in more than $100 million across all platforms by the end of October. You can also check out our review in progress.


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